Motivation – it’s something we all want to have, but something that easily evades us. It comes so easily at first, right? You spend all Sunday night gearing yourself up for that 6 AM workout. You put your water bottle in your gym bag. Your shoes are by the front door. You even write out your workout plan before bed but alas, when morning time rolls around you’re hitting the snooze button. We have all struggled to stay motivated when working towards a goal. It’s human nature to want to do what’s easiest, and goal achieving is hard. So how can you practice increasing your motivation? By doing just that – practicing. Motivation is like a muscle. You need to practice strengthening it through a regular routine. The following 7 steps for increasing and maintaining your productivity are guaranteed to give you that kick in the rear you’ve been needing. They break down and simplify the sometimes ambiguous task of motivating yourself, and will get you on the path to success.

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