What is Zetline Learning?

How does Zetline Learning work?

The Zetline Learning is a project of Zetline Publishers and Development, a division of Zetline Publishers, that aims to bring the classroom to your home and clinic.

In addition, Zetline Learning is affiliated with a small number of research centres that are committed to providing services such as training centres, hospitals, and health centres that were provided with hands-on training and a virtual university.

Zetline Learning provides registered medical graduates and professionals with online education through an interactive medium of education based on the finest practises of global distance education. Zetline Learning combines its extensive reach across the nation with Zetline’s expertise in digital education to create courses specifically designed for busy practitioners.

What is the eligibility for the courses?

The mandatory eligibility for the courses are:

  1. MBBS degree
  2. Medical Registration with NMC
  3. Non MBBS Doctors can also enroll for the courses

How does the course benefit me?

It would extensively widen the scope/ enhance the quality and reach of education for you on a lifelong basis by broadening your knowledge, so as to bridge the gap between existing and apparent needs of healthcare professionals and the society. The courses enhances your knowledge and builds your skills to the next level of proficiency, so that you would be better placed to offer your services. They will enhance your ability to run your practice better and thus increase your patient inflow and conclusively transcribe to better revenue.

How will the classes be conducted?

All programs will be conducted online. The assignments will be in the form of lecture series comprising of interactive video lectures with self assessment questions for revision, prescribed and suggested reading and weekly-graded assessments that are uploaded in the intervening night of Sunday and Monday.

Is this course recognised by NMC?

National Medical Commission does not recognize courses that are offered through online learning platform.

Can I use the title as Specialist after completing the course?

You cannot call or write yourself as a specialist like “Diabetologist”, “Cardiologist”, “Radiologist” etc.

Who will award the Certificates?

Zetline Learning awards the certificates.

Can I use these course completion certificates for job applications or mention them in my CV/ Resume ?

The objective of this course is to provide medical knowledge. Certainly, you can mention these certificates in your CV/ resume. But this cannot be used for your medical teachings promotion or admission for any health organisation as per NMC norms. NMC is currently not approving any online courses as part of their policy.

Who are the faculty in Zetline Learning?

All lectures are delivered by reputed experts in their respective fields and they are invited from across India to deliver online lectures.

Does current registered practitioners to take up this course for better knowledge and improved treatment output ?

The courses of the Zetline Learning are largely delivered online, with convenient self-study at one’s own pace, time and place facilitated through online faculty interactions and optional clinical exposure through hospital rotations. This online courses certainly helped registered practitioner to enhance their learning and improve treatment output through advanced evidence bases clinical knowledge.