Challenge Yourself with Zetline Learning Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone Become Worldwide Leaders

The main advantages of studying at Zetline Learning for international students are as follows:

  • Personal Growth
  • Intercultural Development
  • Interpersonal skill development
  • Education and Career Attainment
  • Contact Class and Internship Opportunities
  • Lifetime priceless benefits
  • Gaining Global Competency
  • Become a Global Citizen

Join the tens of thousands of international students currently enrolled at Zetline Learning. You will select a highly-ranked online institute in India that prioritises industry-based learning, innovative instruction, and outstanding clinical outcomes.

How to apply

You can enrol directly to as an international student online or by mail.

Utilise our step-by-step application guide to submit your application immediately.

Accommodation: We provide options for a hostel as a form of lodging. We will give you a room during your stay with us. Fees for lodging and meals are applicable.

Visa: Zetline Learning does not consider visiting international students to be student candidates, so student visas will not be issued to them. Instead, international students are advised to enter India on a tourist visa. After the candidate is selected, additional travel and arrival information will be made available.